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Added FAQ

We added a short FAQ section to the site since we made some recent changes. Be sure to check it out if you don’t understand the updates with the combining of membership and webcam sales programs.

Dynamic Hosted Gallery Zips

Since we needed to update our hosteds for the membership/webcam combo affiliate sales, we decided to also make them automatically insert your affiliate IDs dynamically into the zip files so you don’t have to edit them at all. This should make it easier on all those that download our zip files.

We are also working on updating the hosted galleries with new content and updating a FAQ section on SNRCash. Look for those in the upcoming weeks.


And when I say big…I mean HUGE! Possibly the biggest news to come to SNRCash. This is something we’ve all wanted for a long time but never thought was possible. What is it you ask? Well, for some time now we’ve been getting questions and requests to make it so affiliates get credit for both membership and webcam sales. Until cybermike brought the topic back up on we were under the impression it couldn’t be done according to CCBill. Thanks to a couple coders chiming in on the topic on NNM, we were able to figure it out. So now you will get credit if you refer a customer and they purchase either a membership or webcam credits!

All you need to do is change your linking codes or grab the new code to our promo material. Simply, insert both of your affiliate IDs (one for memberships and one for webcams) and the site will automatically figure out the codes for you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Hooorah!



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