Scheduled Shows Feature Launch

Black Friday Scheduled Shows

This Black Friday we are launching a brand new feature that we are very excited about called Scheduled Shows. Now customers can buy “tickets” into a show that is scheduled in the future by a model. It works out for both parties in that the customer pays much less than he normally would in a pay per minute format and the model usually makes more as long as the customer numbers are there. We’re hoping this feature takes off and becomes another lucrative way for our models to sell shows.

What does this mean for you? Well you can ride this gravy train to Bank Town! You get to promote it from the get go while it’s hot and new. If what I hear is true, only one other cam site is doing something similar this right now.

How do you promote them you ask? You’re asking some really good questions! We are eventually going to come out with a cool new Scheduled Shows promo tool, but for now you can promote each model’s show by linking directly to a model’s profile (with your affiliate code) that has a show scheduled. For example Layla Lynn has a show scheduled at 6 PM EST on Friday. Her usual profile link is: so your affiliate link would be something like this:
Obviously replace the XXXXXXX with your affiliate codes. You can get a full list of our Black Friday Scheduled Shows on our camgirl blog.

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