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Link to a model profile or a fan club

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use your affiliate codes to link to a model’s profile or to her fan club.

We will be using the base link bellow and customize it by adding the url of the page you wish to send traffic to, after “&landingPage=” text.

Don’t forget to replace xxxxxx with your ccbill webcam id and 000000 with your ccbill membership id.

So, in order to link to a model profile, go to the cams section at Camwithher, and click on the model who’s profile you wish to link to. Copy the link from the address bar and paste it after “&landingPage=“.  The final link should look like this :


To link to a fan club, again, we need the model’s fan club url that you have to paste after the base link. Go to the desired fan club, copy the link in the address bar and paste it after &landingPage=. Final link should look like this :

You can direct your customers to any of our pages, including model profiles, stores, fan clubs or specific blogs. Simply put, just add whatever link you want after the “&landingPage=” text.

If you need help or have any questions regarding our promo tools and affiliate program, feel free to contact us.

Tutorial for promo clips

Since not many affiliates know about our embeddable promo clips , we decided to make this little tutorial, a step by step guide on how to access the clips section and how to embed them into your site.

Please click on the images for a larger version and follow the side notes/instructions.

Go to CamWithHer clips and click on the LOGIN button. Insert you webmaster account info (user name and password) provided by our SNR Cash Customer Representatives and hit login. If you don’t have a webmaster account , contact us and we will set one up for you.

Choose the desired clip and click on the envelope icon to set up and copy your affiliate embed code.

Insert your CCBill id’s for Webcam sales and for Membership sales then hit SET ID’s . Then just click on the copy button bellow , copy and paste your affiliate embed code into your site. Was quick, wasn’t it ?

Also feel free to use our old style flash player by clicking “menu” then “embed” on our old player below:

Just swap out the video code (ea050a42b9739eb261a3 in this example) with any video code of your choice. You can get this code in the URL or embed code of the video you want to use.



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