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New Chat Rooms on our Webcam White Labels

We’ve updated the white label templates (both classic and grid) on CamClone (our webcam white label designer) to include our HD HTML5 Chat Rooms that are bigger and better than before. The new chat rooms load faster, are better quality, and have more features. Here’s a screen shot…

If you’d like to create your own fully custom webcam white label (with a brand new fancy chat interface), please visit

White Label Mobile Cams


At the beginning of 2014 we launched our mobile cams so customers can interact with our models via their smart phones or tablets. We’ve now added a mobile version to our white labels so when a customer types in your white label domain, it will automatically forward to the mobile version (example: If you currently run our white labels, you can log back in to the white label admin area and add in a mobile logo for your site. If you aren’t currently using our white labels, we’ve made some huge upgrades lately with customization. Here are some of our favorite white labels (notice they all look totally unique):,,

Request a white label today and start earning huge money with our amazing models and your quality traffic.

A Few Updates: TOS, Landing Pages & White Label

We made a few small adjustments to SNR Cash today.

We had a few issues with some of our affiliates so we added a TOS to SNR Cash. It explains our new (and old) policies on being an affiliate. We want to highlight that we no longer will allow affiliates to use ALL of our tube videos and ALL of our galleries. We are now setting limits and also no longer allowing the use of our domain names or model names in the domain names of our affiliates.

You may have noticed our navigation has changed a bit. That was just to make it easier to swap links in and out. Not really a huge deal.

In our promotion tools section, we added a landing pages section that we will be adding to shortly. We highlighted some of the more common landing pages we expect our affiliates to send traffic to. We have some new pages coming soon.

We also swapped out our old white label solution for our new beta white label solution. It’s almost entirely customizable with CSS. We’re very excited about it. We are now allowing all affiliates to give it a try.

We also will be adding a CamWithHer member chat widget shortly for our affiliates and webmasters who are using our Cam Show Widget.



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